Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors (Axial, Tubular)


Heavy Edge Metallized
Polypropylene Film

PHT Series

Description :
The PHT is non-industively wound using Heavy edge Metallized
Polypropylene film dielectric/electrode with Axial leads, round
shape and wrapped in flame-retardant tape and sealed with
a moisture resistant epoxy resin at both ends.
Applications :
  • Switching Power Supplies
  • High frequency transformer DC blocking
  • Input / Output filtering
  • Power Factory Correction circuits

Features :

  • High Current
  • Low ESR values
  • Heavy edge material
  • Miniature sizes
General Specification :
  • Dielectric strength : 175% of the rated voltage for 1-5 sec.
  • Dissipation Factory : 0.08% max at 1KHZ 25
  • Insulation Resistance : 

Axial Leaded Round :